The shot missed the goal, trying to attack the opponent’s goal. Video


Ridiculous football moment.

In the match of the First League of Denmark goalkeeper Mikkel Bruun from “Næstved” decided he wanted to write his name on the scoreboard. A football player after a corner kick poorly cleared the ball, which flew into his own net, reports the with reference to the Channel 24.

In the 23rd round of the First League of Denmark was found “Fremad” against “Randers”.

Funny moment.

The match lasted a very close game. In the last minute of the first half the hosts in the match managed to come out ahead in the score. After a corner kick, the goalkeeper of the opponent unsuccessfully knocked the ball who sweeps flew into his own net. Roller awkward goal Keeper shared in Twitter.

This goal became the only one in the match. Final score of the match — 1: 0.