The four reasons not to abandon the ice cream


It is important to observe a measure.

The taste of ice cream is familiar to us from childhood. Dessert, which are nice to eat on a hot day, kids love their parents. Many believe that this delicacy contains nothing useful and can only do harm. We have collected some facts that prove the opposite, reports the with reference to

Fact 1. Ice cream hardens
Some doctors believe that ice cream should be consumed as hardening against colds. It is believed that this delicacy makes the mucous membranes of the throat less sensitive to temperature changes. So, eat ice cream and not get sick!

2. the fact that Well absorbed
Quality ice cream has high nutritional value because it consists of natural products. Accordingly, it is useful for the digestive system because good. In this ice cream contains plenty of vitamins and minerals, particularly iron, calcium, phosphorus and others.

3. the fact that It dietine cake
If you calculate calories, it is best to eat a Cup of ice cream than a slice of cake. Ice cream, though it contains a lot of sugar and fat, but 100 gr. cake is about 500 calories and 100 grams of ice cream is only 227 calories.

Fact 4. Calms the nerves
Researchers have discovered in the ice cream special ingredient “l-tryptophan”. Is an amino acid that stimulates the production of serotonin. A natural tranquilizer will soothe the nerves, lift the mood, helps to overcome stress and cure insomnia.