Summer 2020: will cost how many Ukrainians vacation at sea and in the mountains


What are the prices offered to tourists.

In connection with the coronavirus pandemic, many Ukrainians this year is thinking about a holiday in our country, not abroad. Prices on the coast of the Azov and Black sea and in the Carpathians will not be low, but it all depends on the level of accommodation and additional services, reports the with reference to the Apostrophe.

We asked how much you can rent a house on the sea, and how much it will cost to rent a house in the mountains.

The black sea

In Odessa the largest selection of housing for rent here offer over 1,500 apartments priced from UAH 500 to UAH 1,250 per day. Rental homes worth more — an average of 1500 UAH/day.

In Chernomorsk renting a house for a day costs on average 1 500 UAH. Apartments will be cheaper: from 450 UAH for “odnushku” to 1000 UAH for a 3-bedroom.

In Karolino-Bugaz and Zatoka to rent a house for a family or company at 1500-2000 UAH per day.

Apartments for rent in South cheaper: 1 bedroom apartment — 400 UAH 2-room — 500 UAH, and three rooms will cost 800 UAH.

The sea of Azov

In Berdyansk, you can remove one housing for 300 hryvnia per day. Kopeck piece will cost 450 UAH per day, and three — 500 UAH. Rent a house more than a thousand.


Most of suggestions for rest can be found in the village, 60 km from Ivano-Frankivsk. The daily cost of renting a house here is around 1000 UAH.

In Mykulychyn nearby options less and the price above — 1 200 UAH per day.

In Vorokhta, located nearby, but higher in the mountains, you can rent a house for 500 UAH per day.

Can be found in the Carpathians and budget accommodation. House in Slavske (Lviv region ) propose to withdraw only 300 hryvnia, and a one-bedroom apartment in Berehove (Zakarpattia) — even for 200 hryvnia in sutki.