In the river large snake crawled into the apartment high-rises (photo)

To catch the reptile had rescuers

In the river was an unusual case – in the apartment on the first floor of apartment buildings snake.

As told in the press service of the local DSNs, it happened June 12 on the residential area Novosadskog Pokrovsky district of the city. The woman who found the reptile in one of the rooms of the apartment, called to the scene rescuers.

Has sent experts abnormally-saving part abnormally-saving group of a special purpose. When rescuers rushed to the scene found the snake a length of roughly 0.7 meters in the bathroom.

The rescuers caught the snake with a special device and released into the wild outside the city” – told rescuers.

In the SES noted that the work has attracted four personnel and 1 unit of equipment.

We will remind, not so long ago, in the Lviv region in the yard of a home in Sycamore village, Turka district , the snake bit the child.

We also told that scientists in South America have found proof that the first 70 million years of development, the snake had a small but perfectly formed hind legs.