In Beijing on the market found the outbreak of coronavirus


COVID-19 found on the Board for cutting salmon.

On one of the largest markets of Beijing has identified four cases of infection COVID-19 and 45 asymptomatic carriers, said on Saturday, June 13, Deputy Director of the center for prevention and disease control of Beijing pan Sinha, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

Test “nucleic acid coronavirus has already been carried out 1940 the employees of markets, market Sinhali revealed 45 people whose test was positive, but they didn’t have any symptoms,” he said.

All four people whose test was positive, and showing symptoms of the disease, were related to the market, “Sinhali”, or worked there, or frequented.

One asymptomatic carrier was detected on the market in Haidian district in West Beijing, he was among the close contacts of one of the confirmed infected.

They were all placed in quarantine for further medical observation. Also placed in quarantine 139 people who have been infected in close contact.

In addition, was conducted a large-scale test in the large supermarkets and agricultural markets throughout the city, there were collected 5424 sample with meat, seafood, different foods and different objects of the environment, including trash cans, tables, door knobs, sinks. As a result, 40 samples from the environmental market Sinhali, gave a positive result, all others were negative.