Critics give the scores of the game The Last of Us Part 2


Experts note an interesting plot and a solid combat system.

Game The Last of Us: Part 2 has not yet reached release. However, members of the media managed to play the game and were able to assess her properly, reports the with reference to Comments.

As of this moment the Last of Us: Part 2 after assessment of journalists is 96 points. IGN praised the project at 100 points. They particularly praised the plot for the characters and emotions, and the gameplay mechanic for the development of the first TLOU. In the sequel, players can play for Ellie, who was quicker than Joel. The girl was able to jump, climb ropes and nimbly dodging direct attacks.

At the same time on 70 points a game rated journalist portal Game Revolution. The author admitted that the story was fascinating, but his weak point is the slowness, because the writers decided to reveal too much so. The combat system still captures and forces you to act tactically, but after thirty hours, the monotony becomes noticeable.

Rating The Last of Us Part 2: — 100; Game Rant — 100; Guardian — 100; Shacknews — 100; VG247 — 100; VGC — 100; Wccftech — 95; USgamer — 90; Destructoid — 85; Destructoid — 70; IGN Japan — 70.