Zelensky held telephone talks with Prime Minister of Sweden

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Discussed Zelensky and Leuven.

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky on Friday, June 12, had a telephone conversation with Prime Minister of Sweden Stefan löfven, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the Correspondent.

Zelensky congratulated the head of the Swedish government with the National day of Sweden, which was celebrated on 6 June.

The parties discussed the situation with the spread and containment of coronavirus infection in the territories of both States.

Also, the parties focused on video conferencing leaders of the Eastern partnership, scheduled for June 18. Zelensky suggested that one of the key topics was the strengthening of coordination between the EU and partner countries in overcoming global crises.

“We are the three fundamental elements that have to determine the future development of the Eastern partnership: fixing the European perspective associated partners, to support the territorial integrity of the partners, further integration of markets with the EU in accordance with the Association agreements on the basis of four freedoms (movement of goods, services, capital, people). Count on the support of Sweden in our approaches,” said Zelensky.

In response, löfven said that he hoped that “live” the Eastern partnership summit will take place in early 2021, after all there will be to discuss specific achievements and to adopt a Declaration on Ukraine’s European prospects.

Zelensky also reported on the process of settlement in the Donbas and further stressed the need for the return of the Crimea on the agenda.

“I ask you to support the return of the Crimea on the agenda. Years sounded only the issues of ending the war in the Donbass. However, the war, which is started from the Crimea”, — said the President.

Leuven supported this idea.

In addition, a question was raised about Tehran shot down near the plane of MAU.

Zelensky also invited the Swedish side to consider the prospects of implementation of cooperation in the construction of a network of waste recycling plants in Ukraine.