Ukraine received the status of a NATO partner with enhanced capabilities


Kyiv expects that decision in the fall.

Ukraine became a member of the advanced capabilities of NATO, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

This status involves the deepening of cooperation between allies and partners who have made a significant contribution to operations and missions under NATO leadership.

“As a NATO partner, Ukraine has contributed troops to the operations of the allies, including in Afghanistan and Kosovo, as well as for the response Forces and NATO exercises. Allies appreciate this significant contribution demonstrates Ukraine’s commitment to Euro-Atlantic security”, — stated in the message.

It is noted that as a partner to extended opportunities, Ukraine will benefit from specially designed resources to support such a contribution. This includes expanded access to programs and doctrines on interaction and more exchange of information.

“This decision acknowledges the significant contribution of Ukraine in the NATO mission and demonstrates a continued commitment to the Alliance, its partnership, despite the pandemic COVID-19” — said the official representative of NATO Oana Lungescu.

Ukraine is now one of six partners in advanced features along with Australia, Finland, Georgia, Jordan and Sweden. Each partner has an individual relationship with NATO, based on areas of mutual interest.

The status of Ukraine as a partner for advanced features not predpolagaet any decisions on membership in NATO. NATO allies continue to promote and support Ukraine in its efforts to carry out reforms, including in the sphere of security and defence, in respect of civil control and democratic oversight, as well as in the fight against corruption.