The researchers compared the risk of sedentary work and Smoking

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What is more dangerous for life.

People who lead an unhealthy lifestyle, often complain of feeling unwell. As a rule, all because of bad habits and inactivity. Scientists have found out what factor more impact on the body, reports the with reference to Comments.

The researchers conducted an experiment in which participated more than 122 thousand patients. They took tests on the treadmill at the Cleveland clinic for 23 years. The aim was to discover how physical exercises affect overall mortality.

During the research it became clear that any load leads to an increase in life expectancy. Scientists have always been concerned that too much exercise may contribute to increased risk of early death. However, the experiment showed the opposite picture.

It turned out that the positive effect of physical activity was observed in all age groups, both for men and women, and in the latter it was more pronounced. The results of the comparison with a group of people leading a sedentary lifestyle, was shocking.

This study is unique not only due to the huge number of subjects, but his objectivity: the scientists did not rely on the words of the patients about how an active lifestyle they lead, but on performance tests. Here are the results in numbers:

In sedentary people compared to active, the risk of premature death by 500 percent.

— The probability of dying from a permanent seat about three times higher than from Smoking. People who have little exercise, subject to 390% higher risk of early death than those who engaged in physical activity on a regular basis.