The Network showed another fatal arrest of African American in the United States. Video


Blame the police not proven.

Before the death of the African-American George Floyd, which caused massive protests against racism in the United States, American police have detained roughly another colored man. Video of detention of the African American published edition of NBC News, reports the with reference to Comments.

So, on may 20 in 2019, the officers detained 42-year-old derrick Scott, who has repeatedly asked them to put in medication and said that he could not breathe. This is evidenced by the recently published footage from the lapel camera, taken after his arrest in Oklahoma city. There, the suspect said: “I can’t breathe”. After the man died in the hospital.

“I don’t care,” said one of the detained officers.

“You can breathe just fine” — heard on a video from another officer.

The autopsy obtained by NBC News, points out the cause of death as lung collapse. However, it is not specified what death brought on by the actions of the police, but included such factors of death, as recent drug use, asthma, heart disease, emphysema (lung disease – ed.)

It should be noted that the deceased was arrested after quarreling with people, while brandishing a weapon. In the video you can see that the cops are taken out from the pocket of Scott’s gun.