The blogger tried to charge on the move Tesla Model 3

tesla 1

He decided to do it using solar energy.

Famous YouTube blogger ItsYeBoi, who is also the happy owner of Tesla car decided to test a new method of charging, which can act directly during movement. The guy bought the trailer, put the solar panels and hooked up the appendage-generator to the electric Tesla Model 3. All it cost him two and a half thousand dollars, reports the with reference to Comments.

In the experiment, it became clear that solar panels generate power of approximately 800 watts. That is, that Tesla Model 3 has been fully charged, it will take about 80-100 hours. It all depends on cloud cover. Thus, only one charge will take about ten days for ten Sunny hours per day.

But this is not all the problem. Controller Model 3 will not allow the battery to charge while driving when the discharge process. In other words, to compensate for charge on the go, you need to make changes in the software and likely hardware that may adversely affect the warranty if the new electric car. But even in this case, the effect of the charge can be offset by the increased aerodynamic resistance.

Thus ItsYeBoi came to the conclusion that to charge an electric car on the go from the solar panels is from the category of fiction. But if you look on the other hand, even this primitive version will slightly increase the charge during the stop. So over time, perhaps, this question can be made quite effective solution.