Ryanair has opened ticket sales for the 24 flight from Ukraine: where you can fly


On some flights you can book flights from June.

Europe’s largest low-cost airline Ryanair, which previously announced the resumption of flights from Ukraine to Italy, has launched sales of tickets on a 24 flight from Ukraine to the EU, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Country.

Relevant information appeared on the website in the booking system.

So, book and buy tickets on four flights from Ukraine to EU countries from June, 17 flights since July and three in August.

Summer flights from Kiev:

in Stuttgart (Germany) 2 August (Monday, Friday and Sunday);
in Berlin (Germany) from 22nd June (Monday, Friday);
in Vienna (Austria) — July 1 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday);
in Athens (Greece) — 4 July (Tuesday, Saturday);
in Paphos (Cyprus) 5 July (Sunday);
in Vilnius (Lithuania) — with July 4 (Tuesday, Saturday);
in London (UK) — 3 July (Friday-Sunday, August, also Wednesday);
in Manchester (UK) — July 3 (Monday, Friday);
in Gdansk (Poland) — July 3 (Monday, Friday);
in Katowice (Poland) — July 1 (Wednesday, Sunday);
in Krakow (Poland) from June 25 (Thursday, Sunday);
in Dublin (Ireland) — 2 July (Thursday and Sunday);
in Barcelona (Spain) from 21 June (Tuesday, Friday);
in Valencia( Spain) — from July 4th (Saturday, August also Wednesday);
in Madrid (Spain) from 21 June (Thursday, Sunday, from August also on Monday).

Summer flights from Lviv:

in Memmingen (Germany) — July 6 (Monday);
in London — July 3 (Monday, Friday);
in Budapest (Hungary) — July 1 (Wednesday, Sunday).
Summer flights from Odessa:

Berlin — August 3 (Monday and Friday);
in gdańsk from the 4th of July (Tuesday, Saturday);
in Katowice — from July 4 (Tuesday, Saturday);
in Budapest — 4 July (Tuesday, Saturday).

In addition, the scheduled summer flights from Kharkov to Budapest from July 3 (Monday-Friday) and from Kherson to Vienna on 3 August (Monday, Friday).

Other flights scheduled to launch on 25 October.

From Kiev sold tickets for the flights since the end of October in Baden-Baden, Frankfurt, Sofia (Bulgaria), Bydgoszcz, Warsaw, Wroclaw, poznań (all — Poland), Bratislava (Slovakia), from Lviv to Warsaw and Krakow from Odessa — Wroclaw, Krakow and Poznan, from Kharkiv to Vilnius, Krakow and Poznan from Kherson to Krakow.