Reese Witherspoon paid for the generosity towards the fans


The actress got into a row over a charity raffle.

Hollywood beauty, star of TV series “everywhere And smoldering fires” Reese Witherspoon has launched a charity initiative, but caught in a scandal. The celebrity sued the three teachers who have not got a dress from her brand, reports the with reference to Comments.

On the background of the situation with the pandemic coronavirus infection, a celebrity decided to support the honest work of American teachers and declared a draw. 250 lucky winners received a gift from actress’s dress from her company Draper James and the rest 25% discount on merchandise.

But three teachers were dissatisfied, because it was not among the winners. They filed for a star in the court, noting that the terms of the competition stipulated that not all participants will be lucky to get a prize.

Presented the star of the company tried to hush up the scandal and gave the teachers a 30% discount on entire range of fashion brand. But this move only exacerbated the situation. Teachers stated that they can not afford such things because they have a small salary. The actress was accused that she used her charity to advertising to enhance the image of your company.