Microsoft refused to sell police program for face recognition


It promotes racial discrimination.

Microsoft has stated that it will not provide police programs associated with recognition. It happened on the next day after rival face Amazon announced the suspension of the police to use their service “Rekognition” for the year, while International Business Machines Corp also said this week it no longer provides software and technology should not contribute to racial injustice, reports the with reference to Comments.

In a statement, a Microsoft representative said she has been working on the adoption of principles and legislation for the use of the software.

“We do not sell our face recognition technology in police departments USA today, and won’t do until until a strong national law based on human rights, we will not sell this technology to the police,” — said in a statement.

The death last month of George Floyd, a black man, crushed by a white officer, which is almost nine minutes of kneeling on his neck, caused worldwide protests against racial injustice. This also created concerns about the fact that face detection can be unfairly used against the protesters.

The study showed that a person analysis and identification have often been less accurate for people with darker skin tones, adding to the fears of activists that the false matches can lead to unjust arrests.

Matt KAHL, counsel for American civil liberties Union of Northern California, said in a statement that when software facial recognition, refuse to sell this technology because it is so dangerous, the legislature can no longer deny the threat to our rights and freedoms.

Police departments still work with other providers, such as Idemia.