Klitschko said in any case, in Kiev will strengthen quarantine restrictions

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Now the incidence rate is 16 per 100 thousand population.

Kyiv authorities until you have to tighten quarantine restrictions, announced on Friday, June 12, the mayor of the city Vitali Klitschko, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the Correspondent.

He called the condition of tightening measures, the growth of incidence of 24 per 100 thousand population. Now he is 16 people.

In the case of its increase in Kiev can resume restrictions for places with large crowds, large stores, shopping centers, markets, kindergartens.

Klitschko called on the police to more strictly monitor compliance with quarantine, because many people don’t follow even basic rules.He also cited the recent statistics on coronavirus. So, for the last day confirmed 95 new cases. One person has died. Recovered for the last days 79 people. At this point in the capital already 3766 cases COVID-19. All coronavirus overcame 1132 of the inhabitant of Kiev.