In Italy, free from coronavirus village, selling houses for 1 Euro


The buyer undertakes to make repairs.

In Italy, namely in the municipality of Cinquegrani in the region of Calabria, began to sell the houses at €1 (30 UAH), or a little more than a dollar. The village calls itself “free from COVID-19,” reports the with reference to Browser.

The mayor of the commune said that the program called “Operation beauty” is aimed at addressing the issue of depopulation when young people leave to large cities in search of work.

“Search for new owners for the many abandoned houses that we have, is a key part of “Operation Beauty” which I started to restore the ruined, empty part of the city,” he explained.

According to him, the village lies between two hills, nearby there is a pristine river, and the beaches just 15 minutes away by car. Thus whole areas of the city are abandoned – no one lives there.

In addition, Cinquegrani favourable epidemiological situation – since the beginning of the pandemic in the early stages there was not detected any case of infection.

Under the terms, buyers will have to repair the house within three years and to pay a special fee of €250. If the repair is not made in time, then the landlord will be fined €20 thousand