Experts told how to help the body to better tolerate the heat


More relevant than ever.

We all love summer, but when the temperature begins to rise dramatically, and they want to hide from the sun. Abnormal heat affect the state of the whole organism. He quickly loses moisture and exacerbates some diseases. How to cope with such weather, according to the with reference to Comments.

First and foremost, try to spend less time under the scorching sun, and when you go out – don’t forget a hat. Also give preference to clothes made of natural fabrics that are breathable and allow it to circulate. Protect the skin with sunscreen and remember to wear sunglasses.

In hot weather it is recommended to drink a day not less than 2 liters of water. Proper water treatment normalizes blood pressure, eliminates overheating, and activates the metabolism. Instead of water you can still drink a strong tea, and pestilences, and kvass. But from spirits best avoided because they cause dehydration.

It is also recommended to exclude in hot weather, excessive exercise. If you want to go for a run, do it in the evening when the temperature is slightly reduced.