Egypt resumes holiday season: what will change for tourists


Impose strict rules that have to abide by the tourists.

Seaside resorts for foreign tourists Egypt will open on 1 July. This decision was taken by the government of the country, writes Reuters. However, travelers will still have to observe some rules of quarantine, reports the with reference to Comments.

Flights from abroad will only accept resort regions. In particular, South Sinai. That’s where the popular Sharm-El-Sheikh and Dahab and the Red sea province, is famous for resorts such as Marsa El Alam and Hurghada. Another region that allowed foreigners, will be the city of Marsa Matruh, which is on the coast of the Mediterranean sea.

All the hotels in the aforementioned regions will work under the new rules. For example, they are not allowed to take tourists if already taken 75% of the rooms.

Tourists, in turn, will be asked not to eat outside of the hotel. Or it is worth visit only those restaurants that have a security certificate. If the tourist will feel the first signs of respiratory diseases — be it the temperature or the usual snot — he is obliged to immediately contact the hotel.

Even at the airport, tourists will be asked to fill in a Declaration about the state of health. If the country where it will arrive a tourist, will be at the time to record many new cases of the coronavirus, will need everything else and provide a negative test for the presence of infection. To make it it is necessary not later than 48 hours before departure. If this is not available, then the tests can be taken directly at the airport. However, the results also have to wait hours at the airport.

By the way, if a tourist get sick on vacation, treat it will be at the expense of Egypt. In the country there is a special Fund to combat COVID-19.