Aesthetics and safety concrete barriers for Parking from EuroVazon


In order to limit the passage of unwanted transport, arrange Parking spaces, to protect the lawn and other property from cars and reckless drivers, it is appropriate to use the Parking barriers. You can find a quality concrete posts on Evrovazonthat will last for years and even become a decoration of the territory.

What types of Parking barriers are

Parking install a concrete and metal fence. Both of these options at affordable prices and in a large assortment on the company website EuroVazon. It is engaged in the manufacture of any small architectural forms, quickly executes the orders and ensures the fastest possible delivery even in remote regions.


On the roads you can meet the following types of Parking barriers:

  • Columns;
  • Hemisphere;
  • Pyramid
  • Tables;
  • Sphere and etc.

They perfectly perform their main function – to restore order on the roads. The type of fencing may vary depending on your design preferences. Can also vary the size of the product.

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Why install a concrete fence from EuroVazon

Unfortunately, many drivers are deprived of a sense of tact and always strive to violate the prohibitions on the illegal Parking and driving in the wrong places. Therefore, antiprotosana fencing is an important element of urban infrastructure that not only protect lawns, but also can save lives. So, the installation of such pillars is obligatory near schools, kindergartens, hotels, shopping and business centers, pedestrian streets and squares, not intended for Parking.

Their use is relevant for private landlords, companies, tired of uninvited guests-motorists. These small obstacles have prevented a lot of accidents with tragic consequences.

Concrete is a strong material, which in an urban setting looks very stylish. It is universal to use in any architectural ensemble. Installation of concrete barriers from Evrovazon will not take much time. They have the following advantages:

  • A simple distinction between pedestrian and car zone;
  • Durable material that can withstand severe mechanical impacts;
  • Aesthetics, and deleted by any paint and varnish materials;
  • A large selection of bars and other protections for every taste;
  • Due;
  • The possibility of repair;
  • Budget.

Products EuroVazon proves that Parking constraints may be worthy aesthetic element of any street. From minimalist to complex architectural shapes and columns-vases. Choice allows you to experiment with a view of outer space. Orders and deliveries are made in a short time, so the transformation of the street will not take much time!