Zelensky said the reason for the resignation Goncharuk

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The President said the scandal “films Goncharuk”.

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said that the ex-Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk, like most other young, newly appointed to their posts of officials, to a certain extent was the populist and too dependent on social networks, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Browser.

According to him, at first they were hiding from media, and then just began to flirt in front of an audience. As told the head of state, that is, and then promulgated the “film” were the reason for the resignation of the Prime Minister, who was unable to join the team.

“This is wrong. Because in the country you live different people, and not only the users of Facebook. They flirted with them: Oh, how they looked, how many likes, started this whole story,” he said.

The President stressed that he warned the Prime Minister: Ministers have to work, so they are forbidden during the work day to use social networks. Some realized, others not: “the reforms were done so that Facebook told them “the Class” and what happens on the streets – nobody cares”.

“Although I normally refer to Alexei. We told him: “You must be strong. Don’t be afraid of people, talk with them, go on air. But do what you gotta do. You can’t increase the rates of people not because it’s populism. Are you going to increase when you raise them minimal. Do a little something, some reform, and then talk about the tariff”, – recounted a conversation with Goncharuk Zelensky.

Soon, he added, appeared scandalous audio recordings. And this situation was unpleasant for him personally, because he believed that he and the Prime Minister of the overall state position.

“He’s not the team with the national Bank, and I team with the Prime Minister. Not he team up with Facebook, and I team with the Prime Minister. And we’re doing it with society, with Facebook, with the national Bank, to protect the state of Ukraine. But he is not me saying one thing, and something happens”, – said the President.

Zelensky said that the situation with the sink “films Goncharuk” was unacceptable. He assured that he still doesn’t know who recorded the conversations, but hopes that the SBU will bring the investigation to the end, because “to write to the Prime Minister is wrong.”

“The public trust has been undermined to the Prime Minister, and the deputies had a million questions for him. So I told him frankly said: “Alex, don’t think you can be Prime Minister. And not because of records, but because of what is happening. You do not become a team with people with the deputies, all the Ministers”, – summed up Zelensky.