Ukrainian workers complain of working conditions in Poland


Ukrainians faced problems at work.

Ukrainians once again leave EN masse for seasonal work in Poland, but more often than coronavirus, fall into slavery-like conditions and remain deceived, reports the with reference to Country.

The flow of migrant workers and difficulty finding work force the Ukrainians to agree to lower rates. In addition, this year because of the rains strawberries bad ugly, and the season was late.

We figured out how to work with Ukrainians on the fields in Poland “coronavirus” times.

2 PLN for the basket instead of 3

“Polish hosts and had often mocked our people did not pay extra. Now completely brutalized. I last week visited two farms near Warsaw and everywhere tried to cheat, and the conditions – hard,” — says “the Country” a resident of luck Galina Fedyshin.

The woman went to Warsaw on a work visa to the factory for the production of food, but because of the quarantine he stopped work and she had to find part-time work.

“I went through 2 weeks of isolation in the apartment. The Internet has found the announcement of a set on picking strawberries in Nowy dwór 35 kilometers outside of Warsaw, promised 3 PLN for Lubyanka (this is the basket that holds 2-3 pounds of berries). In fact, we brought quite a different place — almost 100 kilometers. And still demanded for 25 PLN for the road (170 UAH). We had 15 people, we raised a scandal and refused to pay. But the main surprise was still waiting for us. The farmer had two fields one overgrown with weeds in human growth, which he forced us to break off with his bare hands, even hoe is not given. I hand tore. For the dress rehearsal and said, is not going to pay 3 PLN, and 2,” says lucanka.

The bed on the boards

Zarobitchany refused, found another farmer. He also put a price of 2 zlotys per basket (20 UAH).

“The day you can gather about 30 of the Lubyanka, the most dexterous turns 40, but a lot of hard work. In a month leaves about 16 to 18 thousand hryvnias of net. Well, I think quarantine is now all cut rates. But pan was made to collect only the strawberries without the leaves, but it’s slower and harder. Not so much lumped. I worked from 8 am to 5 PM. Lunch was given only boiled potatoes, but I settled in the barn, which is more similar to the stable – 13 beds. It’s not even a bed, just the Board, not covered by anything. Like to live there – no idea.

And what kind of quarantine can be discussed for those who have just arrived? Own Polish, they pay 4-5 PLN per basket (30-34 HR), there were a couple of dozen students mostly. And the Ukrainians are treated like cattle in the truest sense of the word. They see that all felled on the field, so put your – and our people are forced to accept. Especially now, when seasonal workers tied to a specific employer and the address to which they should be quarantined (in this case working in the field and are unable to go anywhere). That is actually fall into slavery. And if someone is run away – the owner immediately surrender to the police” — told us zarobitchane.

Fedyshin escaped from the second employer, almost knocking salary.

“My plant was opened after a quarantine and I’m back now back to work. But a lot of our will have to agree to these hellish conditions, because the house will not earn this”, — says the Ukrainian.

The influx “on the field”

The employment agencies say that they have an influx of volunteers to go on the Polish fields.

“For seasonal work was always driving a lot of people, but this time about two times more. The excitement is huge – it can be seen and the queue for work visas at the Polish Consulate in Lviv, and on the pedestrian crossing in “shehyni”, where people stand for hours in the rain and in the heat. People are fired, cut back here and looking for work abroad. But Poland is really a reduce payment up to 2 PLN for the basket, explaining that “heavy at times”. Not to get into human trafficking, advice on how to coronavirus, the same: you need to sign a contract and carefully read it, and not to give anyone your passport”, — told us Inna Myce from Lviv Agency for employment.