These products slowly destroy the heart


Why you should watch your diet.

Doctors conducted the necessary research in order to find out what food seriously affected the most important internal organ. So, in the course of the study, the Spanish authorities determined what foods cause great harm to the heart and are the most dangerous for this body, reports the with reference to

Often, experts in science and medicine find out how much the foods affect the health of the human body. They can cause detrimental harm and improve the health of the internal organs. It is therefore very important to keep track of what we eat, so you do not suffer from any diseases. In addition, experts have found that proper nutrition reduces the danger of heart problems and blood vessels by 70%.

So, on the first place among the most harmful for the heart products experts have had the sausage, which has a huge amount of harmful fats. And they, in turn, have a negative impact on the system of blood vessels and heart. In addition, meat products may be an excessive amount of sodium. Also, one of the most dangerous products is bacon, which contains about 58% total fat, while the composition of this fat consists of 20% saturated.

Nutrition specialist Susana Leon, in turn, stressed that the problem is that fatty foods are very delicious, so people constantly eat them in large quantities. Next, the third place, the experts gave the soups. According to experts, these soups contains large amounts of salt and refined sugar in the form of starch or maltodextrin.

As expected, the list of the most harmful products for the liver but for the heart, went alcoholic drinks. In addition, the Supplement list inexpensive cheeses for sandwiches, popular crisps and energy drinks. So experts recommend to immediately drop some of these products, so you do not suffer from cardiovascular diseases, which can seriously “hit” on the body.