The scammers are massively threatened Ukrainians “block map”


It is not necessary to respond to such messages.

Ukrainians receive SMS with threats of blocking the cards, and when you call back to these in the message room, you risk to remain without money in the account, reports the with reference to Browser.

“Dear customer, Privat, for security reasons blocked the card. Contact phone number…” message with similar text receive daily thousands of Ukrainians.

Map the Bank is not blocked and these messages never send. We contacted the support financial institutions and transferred all of the message telephone numbers. Despite this, the next day it’s repeated a message with the same content. This time we decided to call the scammers.

– Central management of security National Bank of Ukraine. How you can apply? – said the young man on the phone. Unlike a real receptionist, our interlocutor has problems with diction and speaks in Russian.

– You have other cards except PrivatBank? Anyone not passed the map? Oshibochek did when you entered the authorization code? – continues a conversation companion.

Crook explained: money is threatened, someone is trying to hack the card and withdraw all the cash. To be saved, an urgent need to go to the ATM and to call back. After some time we again called back at the specified number, ostensibly, has already reached the ATM. But this time we said another “employee of the NBU” and offered to act differently.

“Take your map in hand. Frequent fraud schemes in Ukraine. We block the card for your security,” said crook. To distinguish pseudo from real simple. Instead of “in Ukraine” he says, “on”, uses the ukrainianism, and in the background if you listen closely, you can hear someone swearing loudly. As it turned out, will do our interlocutor.

After to confirm that “the map is not sold”, you need to call the full card number, the Statute of limitations, and even to dictate the CVV. When the scammer tired to repeat the request, went to the Mat and insults.

An expert in the field of cybersecurity Marina COBANK says: such schemes have long been known and work not the first year. The fraudsters buy the Bank card, the Ukrainians and the base contacts on the Internet. Send out messages in search of the naive customer and then be forced to transfer money from your card for purchased. The resulting “profit” is removed from ATMs.