Sternenko handed suspicion of intentional homicide


Sternenko claims that it was self-defense.

The former leader of the Odessa Right sector Sergey Sternenko on Thursday, June 11, reported about suspicion of intentional homicide and illegal possession of bladed weapons, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

According to him, Ukraine has managed to avoid a critical situation with coronavirus.

“We coped with the coronavirus. Passed the first three months of moderate scenario. We fell into the abyss, which fell in Italy, Spain, other countries in the world. But today this threat still remains relevant”, – said Smigel.

According to him, the increase of morbidity in Ukraine in recent days is because people no longer adhere to the quarantine.

“Today is one of the highest figures in recent weeks. Easing quarantine measures shows the result, where people are relaxed, from the growth in the number of cases. Therefore it is very important to comply with personal protection measures – social distance, the use of masks, hand washing and disinfection” – said Smigel.

The Prime Minister stressed that if more than 10 regions of Ukraine will happen a hyperbolic increase in the incidence of it will be the reason for the strengthening of quarantine measures.

“No one is exempt and we see that in a number of States have repeated waves of the disease. We of course will follow, in order to prevent such hyperbolic growth”, – assured Smigel and added that “we know how to control it”.


Presenting the suspect commented on the SBU. It noted that the investigation Sternenko long moved from a purely legal plane political and informational.

“Indeed, as evidenced by the materials of the case, we can talk about that I. Kuznetsov and O. Isikol was intended to intimidate and inflict bodily harm to Sergei Sternenko. Therefore, the actions of the attackers, the investigators were qualified under article 296 part 4 of the criminal code. Defensively, the activist left hand was covered from the blows, and the right attacked with a knife. As has established a consequence, O. Isikul received incised wound of the anterior abdominal wall, and I. Kuznetsov — penetrating stab wound of the abdomen. Note that such actions Sergei Sternenko can match the concept of self-defense. However, further actions are questioning the aforementioned version. Because I. Kuznetsov fled the scene, the attack on Sternenko is over — his life and health is not threatened. However Sternenko ran for Kuznetsov, caught up with him and inflicted multiple wounds, particularly the stab in the heart, which led to death. Body I. Kuznetsov was found nearly 100 feet from where the first fight. That is the statement that S. Sternenko wounded Kuznetsova during self-defense, and subsequently, any wounds not inflicted, do not correspond to reality”, — stated in the message.

It is noted that the conducted during the pre-trial investigation, the examination proved the theory of deliberate murder.

“It is also doubtful look the words Sergei Sternenko that he inflicted the fatal wounds with a knife who allegedly robbed I. Kuznetsova and O. Sicula. Sergey personally confirmed to him the identity of the knife on your own online broadcast network Facebook from the scene,” — said in the SBU.