Spain fined the Belgian Prince for violating quarantine

The Prince is the tenth in line of succession

The authorities of the Spanish Autonomous community of Andalusia sentenced Prince Joachim of Belgium to the penalty for violation of quarantine rules. Its size reaches 10.4 million euros. About it writes Reuters.

Принц Иоахим

Prince Joachim

28-year-old Joachim arrived in late may for a training internship in Cordoba. In violation of the quarantine restrictions he has attended several parties. After a few days the Prince fell ill and passed the test for the coronavirus, which showed a positive result. It is reported that in one such party was attended by 27 people, which also violates in Cordoba limiting meetings to 15 participants.

Prince Joachim is the son of Princess Astrid of Belgium and a nephew of king Philip. According to media reports, the Prince is the tenth in line of succession. Prince Joachim is one of the five children of Prince Lorenz and the nephew of king Philippe of Belgium.

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