Olya Polyakova decided to help the Ukrainians to lose weight


Star organized a marathon to lose weight.

Olya Polyakova is now a well-known artist in Ukraine. In recent years she has collected full halls throughout the country. Quarantine is a little brought about changes in the life of a singer, but she even got out here. First, she created a show where live via video link spoke to various famous people. And now collects marathon, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Accents.

On his page in Instagram Olya Polyakova published a gorgeous photo in sporty style, where she poses. She’s wearing a training suit consisting of tight leggings and tube top. The figure of the star, of course, excellent. Probably any fan of the male would go for such comersa to the end of the world. However, she Polyakov in his interviews repeatedly told that very much loves her husband and children, but because the fans can love just as friends.


But the figure of the singer no one is forbidden to enjoy, and because Olya Polyakova says that every woman dreams of a beautiful body. This is especially necessary in the summer to seduce men on the beaches.

On 15 June, the singer decided to launch his 3-week marathon of harmony, which will be held online. The singer has already said that to participate in the marathon along slender figure recorded a lot of fans healthy and beautiful body.

Olya Polyakova said that among all the participants in this marathon, most of her fans and admirers. Next week the singer starts training, which soon will be able to bring the body many who want to ideal.