Olga Sumskaya explained why he removed the mole


The mole began to interfere.

Recently, Ukrainian actress Olga Sumska shared in beach Instagram photo, which fans saw that from the face of 53-year-old actress has disappeared mole, which over the years became an integral part of her image, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the Apostrophe.

Communicating in review subscribers Sumi has confirmed that it removed its own “flavor”, but go into details on became. Concerned fans speculated that the actress could bring the mole for medical reasons. But the artist says that it is not. “There are no medical indications for it was not,” explained Sumi.

The actress said that decided on a cosmetic procedure, as with age, nevus she got in the way.

“In my youth was small, and with age has become little more than, — says the artist. Thought quarantined discreetly to remove, it did not happen unnoticed.”