Monatik and Vera Brezhnev introduced a new dance video. Video


Star was surprised by the joint work.

Monatik and Vera Brezhnev released a joint music banger “Party”. Dancing at the festival artists answered Denis Stulnikov. The clip was created by a team of multiartist conquer the world — directed by Tanya of Muinjo and cameraman Mykyta Kuzmenko, stylization of images developed Olga Zhizhko, reports the with reference to

“We had a very cool and unusual video! Unreal location, people, music! On the court was hot and the mood is a holiday, and I’m sure we managed to convey this vibe! After a long time of isolation, everyone needs a great Party,” commented a collaboration of Vera Brezhnev.

The song is included in album “V”, which was also held today.

Monatik output joint work with Brezhneva commented on the verses:

“Whatever this summer may be…

We believe that we will see you, hug healthy

and all that suddenly went wrong

will get better as soon as possible.

We will do what we can do.

And dancing know how to lift any mood…

Plus… Summer is here.

So we pet vecherinok to not leave anything to you.

Let’s realize all that we believe!

All that started…

All that once hooked us!


We invite you to a party new time!

With your favorite people.

Home. With anyone whom you trust!

Be well, night and night, day and morning. Every day of the week.

And remember… about dancing.

After all, dancing is every moment the delight!

We do Not insist, but proposed!

Let’s just take a break, well, at least for five minutes

from expectations of the future, which does not know…

And Yes! Now I understand completely, although this suspicion was informed.

Faith in love saves the world!

And let’s with us!”