In the Mat during the day, caught 25 new cases Сovid-19


The number of patients is increasing.

Today, June 11, in Ukraine marked a record for the identified infections within days — Covid-19 found 689 people, reports the with reference to Country.

Also a sharp increase of cases was noted in the Armed forces of Ukraine. Here, as of today, infected 159 people, and for the day of the disease revealed another 25 soldiers.

This Command of the medical forces of the APU reports in the social network.

“For the past day registered 25 new cases of acute respiratory disease Covid-19. Of them in health care there are 18 people.

15 soldiers are in the infirmary of a military unit (Kyiv region). Patients from June 5 were in the insulation in contact with the patient Covid-19. The results of the PCR test gave a positive result. Now, the health of these soldiers is satisfactory, the symptoms of the disease are absent. In the military part of the ongoing anti-epidemic measures: conduct current disinfection bodies and have strengthened surveillance of the staff.

National military medical clinical center “gvkg” and the Military medical clinical centre West region is 1 soldier. 1 worker armed forces of Ukraine is on hospitalization in an infectious disease hospital in the Dnieper. The state of health of patients satisfactory, they receive the necessary treatment.

Treated at home under the supervision of medical services are 7 people: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Vinnytsia, Ivano-Frankivsk region — 1 soldier, Lviv oblast — 2 soldiers, Dnipropetrovsk region — 1 employee of the armed forces of Ukraine. The state of health of patients satisfactory, there is a mild course of the disease,” — said the press service.