Five effective ways to cope with the heat


Ukrainians waiting for some incredibly hot days.

The long-awaited hot summer has come to Ukraine, and many are happy about. However, there are those who can not stand high temperatures. For such people there are quite simple ways of solving problems. How to survive the heat at home, outdoors and at work, reports the with reference to Browser.

1. Right dress

In the heat wear light loose clothing – it keeps the room cool. Also, before going outdoors is helpful to soak what you wear. As the scientists explain, for the evaporation of water of the required heat energy, and this energy comes from the body, cooling it.

2. Homemade air conditioner

Any fan can turn into the real air. To do this, freeze bottles or other containers with water and put them directly in front of a fan – cold air will disperse throughout the room. Especially in intense heat you can just freeze a couple of sets of bottles and change them every few hours.

Also, it is important to use a fan. So, for example ceiling cheap fan attached to the chandelier well and cools the room. However, check that its switch was on “summer”. As for the ordinary fan, it is better to put it near the window, then it will draw more cool air from outside.

3. A warm shower

The view that a cold shower faster just able to reduce your body temperature is wrong. The fact that in this case, the body reacts to a sharp decline in temperature, trying to keep warm. It is best to use slightly tepid water whose temperature is slightly above 20 degrees.

4. Open the Windows properly

If house Windows have horizontally opening casement, can be very effectively cool the room, opening the sash top and bottom. Warm, rising air will leave the room and cool to enter through the bottom of the window.

5. The use of spices and herbs

Not many people know that spicy foods can cool in the heat. So, for example a mixture of spices curry contains capsaicin, a substance that stimulates sweating.

In addition, to combat the heat healthy herbal tea with lemon balm and rosemary. Herbalists refer to these herbs are the best natural energy drinks that help to gather and to cheer up hot in the morning. Teaspoon of lemon balm and rosemary leaves steep in a Cup of boiling water, also can add juice of lemon and a sprig of mint. Harvested in the evening with a reserve and drink for a hot day.