As an egg: in the Rivne region, fell a huge castle (photos, video)

Due to the bad weather affected the harvest

The storm continues to rage in the Western regions – in the Rivne region, hail the size of a chicken egg. Bright photos and videos with huge hailstones in social networks published by local residents.

The hail did a lot of trouble in the villages – he broke the flowers and the next harvest. In particular, the hail fell Updating Ozhenyn, Mohylyany and jail.

In addition, in Ternopil region , people noticed a huge whirlwind he lifted into the sky milepost dust. Video of the disaster the locals published in the social network.

And in the Kherson region swept two tornado. As reported by meteorologist Igor Kibalchich, one tornado was of considerable size, and the second a little less.

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