The Network showed the worst road in Ukraine


The road is completely “killed.”

The network showed the domestic highway that boldly claims the title of worst roads in Ukraine. The “dead” part of the route is located in nikolayevshchina at the border of Kirovohrad region, reports the with reference to Browser.

The corresponding photos were posted by Facebook Alexander Ostrovsky in the group “I hate Ukravtodor.

In his post, the author indicated that this stretch of road belongs to the highway of international importance Poltava-Chisinau M13. Condition and its depressing: on a roadbed formed a lot of huge boulders that you have to go around motorists.

These images were made in the area villages and the Provincial Park of the Nikolaev area – they are represented by M13 highway from the junction with the P06 to the border of Kirovohrad oblast. In the comments the driver noted that the length of this area 30 km to go 1.5 hours.