The main rules for raising happy and successful child

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The question that bothers all parents.

Scientists believe that happy children are more likely to succeed in adult life. Therefore, all parents try to love children. But there are still a few rules that parents need to know to raise successful kids, reports the with reference to the Channel 24.

The experts shared their tips for successful parenting that will help parents in taking care of children.

5 rules that will help parents to raise a successful child

  • Attention and confidence

Experts claim that the child should be given enough attention and to always believe in him. For example, when a baby learns to take his first independent steps, parents should support and encourage: “You are perfectly able to walk, I’m sure of it!”, “I love you and proud of your success” and the like.

  • The necessary resources for knowledge

It is also important to provide children with favourable conditions in order for them to learn new things and successfully studied. And not have the child all at once to buy up for development, it will be enough suspended on a string of small toys or bright pieces of fabric, squares of colored paper or cardboard and the like.

Later you can replace them with different toys that the child can take hands and try to feel the taste. And later on the child will be interested in the designers and mosaics, games and the like. Therefore, to choose toys for your child depending on their age and level of development.

  • Emotional responsiveness mom and dad

Children perceive the world and others differently than adults. So, adults can laugh with a child or to tell the kid: “I wish I had your problem!” – thus emphasizing that his problems are unimportant. And because of this, children living with parents, which they really love, feel lonely and misunderstood.

Kids begin to think that adults do not recognize their experiences, don’t pay any attention to them. And I don’t know what to do and how to proceed. Sometimes the child even feels helplessness and vulnerability, and that scares him. Therefore, adults should support the child, find time to Express heartfelt emotions.

  • Positive attitude and optimism

People say: if twenty times in a row to call a child a pig, on the twenty-first time he starts to grunt. And really, children often become what they believe adults. So if you don’t want to “program” a child for failure, don’t remind him about his mistakes and recognize his achievements.

Therefore, it is important to teach their children to be optimistic, because this will prevent parents from multiple stresses, when the child reaches adolescence and will not become stuck in a depressed mood. According to the statistics, teenagers who know how to look for the positive in any problem and less depressed. Besides, optimism is associated with happiness: the more optimistic your child, the happier he is.

  • Respect and a reasonable measure of freedom

Parents should teach children to show respect, and this is best done by example. After all, some adults, for example, do not consider it necessary to knock on the room of their children, thinking that they can be their secrets. But really, respect is born only at a certain distance in the relationship.