The film “gone with the wind” was criticized because of racism

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The film “gone with the wind” has been removed from service HBO Max.

Streaming service HBO Max has been temporarily removed from the platform the film “gone with the wind” because of the mass anti-racist protests in USA, which erupted after the murder of black George Floyd during detention by the police of Minneapolis, reports the with reference to Country.

“The movie “gone with the wind” — a product of its time and depicts some ethnic and racial prejudices that, unfortunately, was common for American companies”, — said the representative of HBO Max. He added that such image was incorrect then and remains incorrect today.

It is noted that the service promised to return the movie with no changes, but “along with a discussion of the historical context of these images”.

The film gone with the wind, made in 1939, has long been considered controversial because of its images of blacks and positive Outlook on slavery.

Black actress Hattie McDaniel, who starred in it, became the first African-American woman, received the “Oscar”. In 1940 it was awarded for best actress of the second plan. But because of racial segregation McDaniel during the ceremony, sat apart from his colleagues in the film.