Svetlana Tarabarova after 13 years of a lease acquired its own building: how it looks


The family is waiting for replenishment.

Soon Svetlana Tarabarova and her husband Alex Cooper will be able to move the kids and the dog to a cosy new home: a 29-year-old singer admitted that they bought a cottage 7 km from Kiev, reports the with reference to the Apostrophe.

“13 years of rented accommodation, doubt, fluctuation, greater credit… and finally we are home! Dreams can come true! — Svetlana told in Instagram. We’ve been waiting for this and now we’ll soon be together with the children (soon to be four of us, Oh, five it’s Alvin) to Wake up under one roof, enjoy a meal at the huge family table, to experience each other and the strength (without this in any way) and be sure to hug”.

The photo pregnant Tarabarova with her husband and 2-year-old son Ivan pose in front of a stylish single storey cottage and hugging inside the building. Despite the bare walls and lack of repair, the family looks happy prohibitive. “I can’t tell you how happy I am. 13 years, we have invested exclusively in creativity (videos, albums, concerts). But now the house,” she wrote.

Despite the complexity of the repair, the family is positive. The singer has promised to remove stories and to share moments of turning the bare walls in a bright and warm house, and fans congratulated her with the purchase. “You are great! It will be a dream house” — write in the comments. — “Congratulations! Family nest!”.