Smigel summed up 99 days of the government

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The last three months were the hardest.

During the first three months of the Cabinet originated calls, which previously was not in the world, reports the with reference in Word and Deed.

This was stated by Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmyhal, summing up 99 days of the government during the current zasedaniy of the Cabinet.

“Today is 99 days since our government began its work. The last three months have been difficult for the country as a whole and for us as officials. We have been given much greater responsibility when compared with previous periods by previous governments. We are faced with the challenges that the world has ever seen” — said Smigel

The Prime Minister also listed the main achievements of the Cabinet.

“First and most importantly, what we have done: it provided timely quarantine measures and the support of the people. The second is the Foundation for the economic recovery of the country as quickly as possible to overcome the consequences of the pandemic: we have taken a number of initiatives for business and people to ease the burden of the economic crisis. We have kept the Foundation for recovery and development. First and foremost is the lives of people”, — said Smigel.