Rent excavator — what is its benefit and how is it cost?

arenda ekskavatora

Cases when you may need to hire an excavator, much more than we think — it may be necessary not only at the construction site, but in situations of emergency repair or construction of utilities. Large bucket, you can dig holes for septic tanks, disassemble old buildings, move large volumes of bulk materials, and other manipulations. Buying equipment would be too costly, so it is better to take it in rent and to obtain qualified personnel and in addition deprive yourself of the extra hassle of finding a driver.

Best party rental excavator

By studying the information, we relied on experts in the construction field, the company Eldertrust. To realize the benefits of renting this equipment, take a look at prices for new equipment. And purchase can not be called rational if the excavator will need only once, and the rest of the time will be idle and not generate revenue. In addition to financial savings in the purchase of a machine worth several million, there are also other obvious advantages:

  • Eliminates the necessity of expensive maintenance of industrial Park.
  • No need to hire staff on a permanent basis.
  • There is no need to buy spare parts and accessories.
  • For rental equipment does not need to undergo inspections, pay insurance premiums — it will take the firm’s service provider.
  • Don’t need to find a qualified operator, it will be in the “kit” with the car.
  • At registration of the lease all the costs and maintenance are fully borne by the sponsor. Find out more by phone: +38 (068) 300 11 88, or in the office Kiev, street belicka, 72.

    Criteria rental cost

    Now explain what criteria is the price for this service and what factors affect it. To take an excavator rental can be for any period from one day to infinity. Often the contract for prolonged periods, the client is able to save — different companies are developing personal loyalty program for regular customer. For the calculation take into account the following parameters:

    • the degree of performance and a range of additional functions;
    • the format of attachments and the number of units;
    • the term of the rental agreement;
    • the distance from the Parking to the building site;
    • the scope of work for the equipment;
    • the fuel consumption factor;
    • the capacity of the ladle and the level of depth for digging.

    Most often rent excavators take at least a month or even a whole season — so profitable.

    kolesnyy ekskavator

    What kind of excavator to choose?

    Modifications of this machinery quite a lot, on the website of Lidertrans we found such raznovidnosti machines, which differ in the level of performance and the existence of universal functions for carrying out complex works. Conditionally divide them into two groups:

  • Universal equipment is a typical model that can handle a variety of tasks — removal of old buildings, removal of old pavement replacement, loading-unloading of crushed stone or sand, levelling and so on. The machine is fixed with a standard bucket, hydraulic hammer, grapple or attachments for loosening.
  • Excavators for special work — this could include long-armed modification, which can work in tight spaces, stretching a long the slopes, clean coastline. It will also help to deepen the excavation to 15 m down.
  • In addition, pay attention to the chassis base. Equipment can be tracked or standard wide chassis, with a walking hodowli, pnevmokokkami, all-terrain chassis, the auto travel or on the tractor.

    Experts talk about models of cyclic operation, trench, and vacuum versions — so competent advice before signing a lease agreement is simply necessary.