Named dangerous properties of canned products


It is important to know the measure.

Canned foods are often made with excess sodium and other preservatives to increase shelf life. However, because of this they can cause heart problems, increase blood pressure or retain water, causing swelling, reports the with reference to Browser.

According to the American nutritionist Arielle Kestenbaum, and there are fears that the contaminated canned food BPA (bisphenol-a). About 10% of the canned products still contain this chemical. During its regular ingestion may increase the risk of cancer.

Fresh or canned foods?

In most cases there is no real difference in nutritional value of canned and fresh fruits and vegetables. However, it has a value that is added to maintain or improve their taste. Canned fruits are often stored in syrup with lots of sugar, while excess sodium is a major problem and canned vegetables.

Given this, it is important to look for options with low sodium or without adding it. If this is not possible, you need to try to thoroughly wash vegetables before eating them.

Canned or frozen foods?

As a rule, frozen fruits and vegetables are better because they come in the course of freezing, reaching maximum maturity, that is when contain the most nutrients. In addition, such products are much less likely to contain preservatives and often taste fresher than canned. On the other hand, canned fruits and vegetables tend to lose some of its nutritional value due to the temperature at which the process of canning.