It became known as lost restaurants and cafes during the quarantine

Worst of all catering establishments had in April

In the framework of the easing of quarantine in some regions of Ukraine the restaurants and cafes are allowed to receive visitors in the premises. However, institutions in the capital and several areas due to the epidemiological situation still can only run away or to serve guests on a summer terrace. The limitations seriously affect the revenue of restaurateurs.

As calculated in the company Poster, the most difficult is the field of catering was in April. This month, the revenue of catering enterprises accounted for only 26% from February, reports “Economic truth”.

Slightly better things were in may, after the easing of quarantine in the second half of the month. Then resumed activities 70% of catering establishments. After the opening of the “annuals” average revenue made up 50% of the pre-crisis period.

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“Four weeks in April-may, the drop in turnover in small restaurants, middle and low segment averaged 58%, and bars – 53% compared to the four weeks before the quarantine. Burger and cafe lost 45% and 43%, respectively. A café in this period lost an average of 12% of decorating of sales”, – stressed in the Poster.

The least subsided institutions, which until the quarantine only worked for a delivery, their revenue slipped by 4%.

As is known, the quarantine in Ukraine was extended until June 22, however, the constraints are gradually removed. Cafes and restaurants even with 11 may have the right to open summer ground under the open sky and work on the go. And from 13 may, the Cabinet eased these constraints allowed the work of “annuals” under eaves or verandas, and also increased the limit on the number of visitors to the tables (four people instead of two).

Also the website “Today” I wrote for any violation of the quarantine, punish the Ukrainians. Many people are tired to follow all the rules: