In Odessa hit a third house for a month


On the site of the collapse was felt the smell of gas

In Odessa in the night of Wednesday, June 10, there was another collapse at home. Suffered at least 1 person, but the rubble fell near a parked car, reports the with reference to Ukrainian information service.

It is reported that the collapse of the house on the street: a Clear, 10 (French Boulevard) occurred around 03:00. The accident destroyed 5 apartments. It should be noted that the building was built in 1912 and was the profitable house. The house was given the status of a monument of architecture of local importance.


As reported this morning by the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov in social networks, from the rubble of the house was withdrawn 25.

“A strong smell of gas. Victims at this point, no. In place rescuers work and the police”, — said Avakov.

At the moment, rescuers apart the rubble, while what is known about one affected. This is a woman who received a lacerated wound of the thigh.


According to journalists, the inhabitants of this house back in February, appealed to the public utilities and on the left wing of the building was placed beacons. However, hit the other side of the building.

“Victims can say no, because it hurt my leg,” — said a local resident Nicholas.