How to choose a humidifier for air

To maintain a healthy microclimate in the home or office recommended from time to time to moisten the air, saturating it with life-giving moisture. This is especially important with the onset of cold weather: constantly running the heaters or Central heating dry the air, because of which it becomes harmful and unpleasant to breathe. For humans the optimal level of humidity is 40-60%. If the figure is lower, it could be harmful for several reasons:

  • reduced immunity;

  • mucous in nose and throat dry out quickly, which leads to discomfort;

  • can be allergic (or worsen existing).

That is why doctors recommend to humidify the air indoors, where people spend a lot of time. Best with this task will manage the humidifier Xiaomi or other brand. In this article we will discuss how to choose a humidifier and what to look for before buying.

The types of humidifiers

There are three primary types of humidifiers:

  • Ultrasonic. As a result of their work, a cold vapor, consisting of very small particles of water that quickly spread throughout the room. Can be equipped with a special heating element that will prevent overcooling of the room. If you stop the choice on this model, then make sure that it has a built-in humidity sensor. Otherwise, the humidity level may exceed the recommended value, which is also not good.

  • Steam. The working principle of these devices is very simple: the water from the tank is moved into a special container with a heating element where it vaporizes and gets into the surrounding space. Their lack of higher energy consumption in comparison with the other two species. Very good choice if you have to humidify the air in winter only, as the device will not only moisturize, but will also heat the air in the room.

  • Traditional. In these instruments air is passed through a special wet filter, saturated with water and purged of dust and other small particles. Very effective, but are forced to frequently change the water as it quickly gets dirty from dust, especially in urban environments. In addition, the traditional air humidifier is not able to overfill it with water. If the air is so wet, it just will pass through the filter without any changes, except that from dust cleared.

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    The most modern and advanced in every sense can be considered as ultrasonic humidifiers. During operation, they are virtually silent, quickly moisturize the air and consume minimum energy. Especially well device from Xiaomi, as the company equips them with the advanced humidistat that allows you to fine-adjust the level of humidity in the room and maintain it at the desired level.