How much it will cost Ukrainians vacation on the Azov sea this summer

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Already 10 June in Ukraine earn recreation.

Resorts of Azov – one of the most popular seaside destinations in the country. How much will a vacation at the sea of Azov in the summer of 2020, reports the with reference to

The city with a beautiful promenade and infrastructure. There, where to walk and what to see. And since June 13, the city should make a water Park.

Most of the hotels and boarding houses located on the Berdyansk spit. To rent double room on the second line from 350 UAH/day. Accommodation with Breakfast will cost from 500 UAH/day.

Comfortable recreation on the beach – with pool, children’s Playground, Wi-Fi – take from 900 UAH per room. Three meals a day for an adult will cost on average from 300 to 400 UAH per day, for a child – 200-250 UAH. Can be booked as full Board or only dinner, for example.

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Urban village is divided into the Central mainland, the spit siltings and Fedotov spit. Kyrylivka geographically to include the neighborhood Stepok and the Isle biruchiy. A hub of entertainment can be called Fedotov spit: there is a water Park, amusement parks, night clubs, etc.

The price range for Peresyp and Fedotova spit varies from 400 to 2500 UAH/day in a double room without meals. The hotel accommodation is on the first line with pool starts from 750 UAH/ day for two. The budget accommodation offers the private sector (mainly neighborhoods Stepok and “Kyrylivka-2”): to rent a house without amenities is possible for 150-200 UAH/day.

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Biruchiy island

Herald island geographically belongs to Kirillovka and is part of Azov-Sivash national natural Park.

Apartments with kitchen can be rented for 800 UAH/day. Moderate double rooms with twin beds will cost 500-600 UAH and above. For a room in a comfortable hotel with the territory of asking from 1200 UAH per day, while average daily rates (depending on the date of check-in) – RS 1700 excluding food. Cottage of the class “standard” on the beach in June can be booked for 1800 UAH, and a double house with the “indoor plumbing” – 180 UAH/day with a minimum booking for 3 days.

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Primorsk is a small resort town, located two kilometers from the sea of Azov to the banks of the river Obitochnaya. The infrastructure for tourists (resorts, hotels) is located along the estuary outside the city. Choose this resort for beach holidays with children.

Rest in Primorsk for a family (two adults+the child) will cost an average of 800 UAH/day when staying in a standard room. Housing “economy” class with no facilities can be rented for 150 UAH/day on double occupancy. Stay with Breakfast in the hotels with swimming pool and Wi-Fi starts from 750 UAH/day.

Seaside recreation centres also offer accommodation with three meals per day for 400-500 UAH per day per person.



The city is located on the shore of the Azov sea near the Arabat spit. One of the attractions of the region – Henichesk lake (Pink lake).

Double room “standard” will start at the price 300 UAH/day. Room without facilities – 100 UAH/night per person. Hotels with a swimming pool, Playground and gym offer guests will be accommodated at the price of 1200 UAH/day or more. The prices are specified when placing on the first line without food.

Accommodation in private pensions in the second and third line will cost from 80 UAH per person.

Note that since 19 June, housing prices will rise. The peak price will last until the end of August.