Another weakening of quarantine: what is allowed from June 10

karantin 3

Quarantine measures continue to operate.

Ukraine Wednesday, June 10, moved on to the next stage of easing of the quarantine. It is allowed to run the bases of rest, sanatoria and holding mass cultural and artistic activities, reports the with reference to Browser.

Also, according to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, to restore the two checkpoints of entry-departure “Stanitsa Lugansk” and “Marinka” in the Donbas.

The easing of the quarantine is effective only in those areas which correspond to sanitary-and-epidemiologic indicators of infection with coronavirus.

In this list until you hit Kyiv, Volyn, Zhytomyr, Transcarpathian, Lviv, Rivne and Chernivtsi region.

In General, according to the chief sanitary doctor of Ukraine Victor Liashko, the next stage of easing of the quarantine in Ukraine is associated with stabilization of disease. In particular, decreased number of hospitalizations and results of patients in the intensive care unit.

Despite the weakening of quarantine measures continue to operate.

Requirements for recreation facilities and sanatoria:

  • All employees should be mandatory temperature screening and premises – disinfection.
  • If you have symptoms of SARS the vacationer needs to be isolated from others.
  • Stay in common areas (outside the room) is only allowed in a respirator or mask that covered the nose and mouth.
  • The distance between the visitors should be not less than 1.5 m.
  • It is recommended to organize food in the rooms or restaurants at the system.
  • In the beach area you want to place sun loungers, changing rooms and nagamani compliance with the principle of social distancing.

While camps are still banned.

Requirements for the mass cultural events:

  • Simultaneous stay of visitors from calculation not more than one person is 5 sq. m total area enclosed area for outdoor events or of the total area of premises of cultural institutions.
  • All visitors to the premises of the institution should be.
  • Should be mandatory temperature screening and disinfection.
  • The required increase of input control points.
  • Possible control input of tickets must be conducted in a contactless manner using scanners.
  • The compliance distance of 1.5 m between the visitors to the seats at the tables – no more than four people (excluding children up to 14 years).

Fanzone remain banned.

At KPVV in the Donbass there are also rules and restrictions:

  • The pass is available daily from 11:00 to 14:00
  • You must be in mask or respirator
  • You should stick to the social distance
  • The demarcation line is required to conduct temperature screening
  • Passed only with the assent of the passage of the isolation using a single e-service “Move house” or observation (not necessary for those coming to participate in the EIT).