Ukrainians owed for communal on average on 4 thousand: than it threatens

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In Ukraine, every family on average owed for communal 4,2 thousand UAH.

Businesses hire collectors in court take the property and post lists of debtors in the hallways. In some cases, can even take the apartment. How much should the Ukrainians for communal and how to punish violators of the payment discipline, reports the with reference to Typical Kherson.

The collectors and the Board of shame: how the Ukrainians beat debt

Ukrainians who do not pay their bills, may lose their property. The utility has the right in court to get the decision and through the performers to seize and sell at auction any property from the TV and ending with the apartment.

Cossack Alexey Efimenko says: last year he was stopped by police and said his car is under arrest. Later, the man found out: because of the public debt in the apartment in which he no longer lives, his car could be taken away and sent to a penal platform. “The debt I repaid. There was 14 thousand hryvnias. It turned out that the brother who lives in the same apartment, for years never paid” – says Efimenko.

And this is not a bad option. Because debt can even lose their property. Cases of sales of apartments in Ukraine was, according to the lawyer Alexander Plakhotnik. But it is rather rare. There is thus an important condition: to recover the property, the debt must be at least 20 times the minimum wage. At the moment it is 94.4 thousand UAH.

“The Statute of limitations on debt for housing and communal services is three years. To recover in respect of the debt apartment, you need three years to accumulate the debt 94.4 thousand UAH. For this you need nothing to pay. But I also want to underline the debt that is more than three years, no one not to forgive. Just through the courts to recover it is impossible, but it will follow you for as long as you don’t pay,” says Plakhotnik.

The expert of housing and communal services Andrey Nikonchuk says: most providers wait until the debt reaches a certain point, and then decide to go to court.

“The formation of debt, non-payment for housing and communal services can lead to the fact that after reaching a conditional psychological barrier, which is installed by the service provider, may initiate court proceedings. On the subject of recovery from the debtor of the debt,” warned the expert.

None of the utilities no resources to sue all of their debtors. The system itself is sure Plakhotnik, ineffective. Of utilities cannot be turned off without access to the apartment, others (like heating) are not allowed to restrict.

“Public service is a commodity, like food, alcohol. The only difference is that payment is made after use. But no one can consume the communal unlimited,” notes Plakhotnik.

Enterprises use other methods of struggle against debtors. For example, hang on houses lists of debtors, threatening blackouts.

Some even hire collectors. In such a step, for example, the Kiev Vodokanal. “The company is forced to seek the services of professional organizations to increase the efficiency of their work. Appropriate action will apply only to the so-called willful defaulters whose debt exceeds UAH 1000 or who did not pay for the services consumed over a year” – they said in comments to the media.

Lawyer Dmitry Nawrocki convinced to get bored with the calls and pressure on debtors will not, and if they do, then such actions can be reported to the police. “I don’t think “Kyivvodocanal” will operate with collectors, as they should operate only with certain companies that provide legal services in relation to going to court to recover debts”, – said the lawyer in comments to the edition.

Four thousand for a family: how many Ukrainians have for communal

Despite the quarantine, when millions of Ukrainians temporarily lost their income, debts for communal not increased. For example, according to the state statistics service, in April of last year for gas the Ukrainians have accumulated 29.5 billion UAH, and as of April of this year is 25.6 billion.

But this is a huge amount. If the debt is divided for all the family, will be that each must, on average, 1718 UAH. And that’s just for gas. For hot water and heating debt amounted to 20.5 billion UAH, electricity – 5.9 billion UAH, water – 5,3 billion UAH, the contents of houses was 4.9 billion UAH, garbage disposal – 1 billion UAH.

The average debt per family as of the end of April amounted to 4.2 thousand. What causes this situation? Utility providers can’t pay their partners, those debts are transferred further along the chain and this causes a huge problem in the whole municipal system.

For example, if you do not pay for water, the supplier is unable to pay for the consumption of electricity supplier “the current” can’t pay generation – as a result of the collapse threatens the entire system.

Note, in the Memorandum with the IMF, Ukraine has already committed itself to tighten the procedure for recovery of public debt. For example, consider the possibility to raise the fines. For the time being on the specific steps we are not talking, but sooner or later all debts have to repay.