The tightening of quarantine in Kiev: what will change for residents of the capital

oslablenie karantina

Indicators of Kiev not allow you to loosen the quarantine.

Last week the halls of the capital’s restaurants and cafes have not been opened in the framework of the easing of the quarantine. As stated by the officials, it is not yet possible due to the spread of the disease. We learned what the situation in Kiev in connection with the quarantine and when it’s worth to wait for breaks, reports the with reference for Today.

“We have stepped up quarantine measures on all fronts in the city. Decided to observe the situation until Friday. At the moment the situation is this: Yes, we have new infections, but there is also a positive moment – until there is a large increase in incidence. How to proceed, we will decide on Friday. By far the yet on mitigating the epidemic prevention measures it is not. Restaurants and cafés will continue to operate as before – take away only and in compliance with all requirements. Also banned all kinds of events and meetings in the city,” – says Oleg Ruban, Hlushchenko Kiev.

The government has toughened the mode of operation of the several institutions of the capital.

“Today it was decided to tighten control over the work of the kindergartens in Kyiv. This also applies to the operation of nursing homes and homes where people live with a disability. Will be significantly enhanced control over the conduct of preventive measures in these institutions – thorough disinfection and compliance with mask mode” – adds Oleg Ruban.

He says that at the moment it is not planned to tighten the quarantine conditions in ground transport and underground of Kiev.

“The situation is consistently poor for some indicators, but it is not deteriorating enough to make adjustments in the work of urban transport, provided that people keep a distance and stick to the mask mode. Given the weather conditions, the risk of catching on the street is minimal. The maximum danger in enclosed spaces where a lot of people. When the rate of cases will be reduced to 12 people per hundred thousand population, shall decide on the opening of the halls in restaurants and cafes. And the transition to the next stage of weakening of quarantine measures. But it will not happen before this Friday,” – says Oleg Ruban.