The DPRK announced the severance of all ties with South Korea


Pyongyang allegedly nothing more to discuss with the authorities of South Korea.

Pyongyang will block all communication lines with Seoul. The statement, on Monday, June 8, circulated by the North Korean Central news Agency (KCNA), reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

In Korea think that South Korean authorities have brought relations between the North and the South to the “end point”, and the negotiations among countries is a cause “only disappointment”.

“I came to the conclusion that we no longer have anything to talk about at the negotiating table with the authorities of South Korea”, — said the Agency.

Specifies that the communication line with South Korea will be completely abolished at 12 hours local time on 9 June. And the current measures would be a step only the first phase after the decision on full lock all the spaces for contact with representatives of Seoul and termination “other unnecessary actions.”

It is noted that on 8 June at a meeting to review the work of the divisions in South Korean Affairs, Chairman of the Central Committee of the WPK Kim Yong cher and the first Deputy head of the Department of the Central Committee of the WPK Kim ye Chen stressed the need to “sequential turn South Korean Affairs in Affairs with the enemy”.