Pregnant Jamal charmed family photo shoot

dzhamala 1

Pictures turned out very tender.

Singer Jamal, who is expecting her second child, was fascinated by the Network of a photo shoot with her husband and son. The actress published a tender shots on the personal page in Instagram that loved her followers, reports the with reference for Today.

On touching the images the artist is depicted with her husband seit-Bekir with Suleymanov and a son of the Emir-Rahman in the field.

On Jah red long dress small flowers, and red hat, which tried and the little son of a celebrity. The image of the star mum added chunky boots and face-up, with emphasis on the lips.

“Summer. Tenderness. Care”, is briefly signed post performer.

Fans appreciated the efforts of the family and the photographer. “Respect the photographer. Creative, gentle, family atmosphere. Somehow fed up with the standard picture where the husband hugging and kissing the belly”, “Bombeznaya photo shoot as it is beautiful”, “Magic photo” – write in the comments at Jamala.