Kiev got in the list of most expensive cities for expats


The rating was Kiev.

Kiev has risen from 150 designated at 106 in the ranking of most expensive cities in the world for expatriates, compiled by consulting firm Mercer, reports the with reference for Today.

106 place this year is also located in Hamburg and Lisbon.

The most expensive for expatriates cities are recognized:

1. Hong Kong

2. Ashgabat

3. Tokyo

4. Zurich

5. Singapore

6. New York

7. Shanghai

8. Bern

9. Geneva

10. Beijing

The second ten included Seoul, tel Aviv, Shenzhen, Victoria (capital of Seychelles), n’djamena (capital of Chad), San Francisco, Los Angeles, Lagos, London and Guangzhou.

Recall that the quality of life in rating Mercer Kiev occupies the 173rd place. In the first place is traditionally Vienna (Austria), followed by Zurich (Switzerland), the third – Vancouver (Canada). The top ten included Munich (Germany), Auckland (New Zealand), Dusseldorf and Frankfurt (Germany), Copenhagen (Denmark), Geneva and Basel (Switzerland).