In the Parliament called for the resignation of Avakov

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The President assured the fraction that Avakov does not hold on to his seat and leave when you need

The resignation of the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov is possible only in case if this decision will come from the President. It is the lack of alternatives makes any conversation about a possible change to the interior Minister to a standstill, reports the with reference to Browser.

Several sources in “the Servant of the people” said that if Zelensky will initiate the dismissal of the Minister, he shall personally convey this decision to the members of the faction and represent the place of the head of the interior Ministry, another “equivalent candidate”.

“The experience of political and psychological knowledge Avakov inferior to even the Prime Minister himself. I think, he would be glad to get rid of it. But as soon as it comes about Avakov’s resignation, immediately the question arises, who can replace him at the head of the interior Ministry”, — said a source from the so-called “small fraction” of SN.

The source said that the President assured the fraction that Avakov does not hold on to his seat and go when needed. However, in SN predict that the latest initiative of the faction “the Voice” resignation Avakov will not succeed.

We will note, on last week’s “the Voice” and collected signatures for the resignation of Minister of internal Affairs. Then the representatives of the party registered in the Parliament draft resolution on dismissal of Arsen Avakov.