In France, the truck driver was carrying in the watermelons record shipment of marijuana


The alien hid in the truck with vegetables and fruit, half a ton of drugs.

In the East of France, the police found in the truck with watermelons and zucchini half a ton of marijuana, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

Car with Spanish number plates stopped near the city of Metz.

The driver, a citizen of a foreign state, specified in documents that transports fruits and vegetables — melons, and zucchini — with a Spanish Zafarraya in Berlin.

Among them I found 480 heat-resistant packages of cannabis with a total weight of 538 pounds.

It is noted that this is a record consignment of drugs seized in the region in recent years. A slightly smaller party withdrew in July 2019 — 528 kilograms of cannabis.

The incident occurred last Friday, but the message about it appeared only the day before, 8 June.

The driver was sentenced to three years imprisonment, a fine of 1.8 million euros and banned for life from entry into the country. Goods, which he had disguised the drugs confiscated.